...back in 69, kickin' up a storm with covers o'sonny bono/sir doug/kinks(not altogther prime currency this late in th'decade, times were still changin' fast'n maybe th'kinks could still pull something outta th'bag but th' other two?) on th'first side gave a solid thumbs up to cats who'd been diggin' th'rock groove for awhile- these mott layabouts had some kinda handle on what made for a good late night rockin' session(hoople noise is most definitely late night, that can't be desputed, chemically assisted most probably)...infusin' dylan style vocal slur'n glimmer twin swagger added to th'deal these cats were puttin' down, goin' for some kinda transatlantic cross cultural blowout(not necessarily desirous most times but in a way it sorta works, a cat can dig what they had in mind, th'yanquee continent was further away from post swingin' london in 69)...theres a bit o'crazy horse funk attack somewhere buried in th'mix along with th'whiskey, beer'n hash'n a desire to splat th'list'ner full on with all instruments bobbin' in'n out shoutin' to be heard...some johnny-come-lates tend to diss this first effort as not up to th'mark, borin'n derivative but thats what happens when a different generation start mouthin' about times they weren't part o''n dont understand how things fit together...this is a truely rockin' testament to late 60's slip'n sleaze...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Mott the Hoople and am pretty familiar with all their stuff but I'm kinda fond of this one in a different way to the rest. The group sound isn't quite together so it's a bit of a hybrid but ends up being a great and unusual album. If Dylan ever recorded with the Stones using mostly other people's material it ... well it probably wouldn't have sounded like this but you might have wanted it to. As a kid I played it to death and as the saviour says, mostly late at night.

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