...follow up to wild honey'n they're still in a get back mood only th'maharishi meditation'n granola seeds're takin' effect with this effort bein' a stripped down singalong havin' little or nothin' to do with rock'nroll, psychedelic it weren't, blooz choogle it weren't, it was nothin' th'hippys or squares could get a handle on, they just couldn't dig it, nor did they want'boys were slippin' well below th'radar o' cultural chatter, they were in a place'n space that was yet to be mapped, reinventin' folk music for a generation that didn't know they existed...this is camp fire noodles for tripped out inner space journeys, much more flipped out than any amount o' channel pannin' studio phasin'(good as that is)...this is folk music for cats who don't dig th'square connotations folk strummin' brings on, this is for cats who 'turned on' 'n floated downstream, this is for open receptive heads who dig th'lazy vibe but not th'jive...if this disk had got more attention back in th'day a whole heap o' laurel canyon personal whinin' wouldn't be needed, cos this disk is personal'n worldly, it goes where its needed...


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