...all hippy peacenix 'n layabout beatnix need to know this disk is a crazy right-on trip fulla th'truth from abbies perspective 'n this point o' view is not only a fun vibe but its so relevant in th' present age it coulda been taped tomorrow...abbie raps about th'imperialist foreign war/business hi-jackin th'ecology train givin' out th' line its th'normal citizen who's to blame for th'destruction o' th' planet/blatantly corrupt laws/corporate brainwashin' o' th' workaday patriot...all these things happ'nin now brother 'n even more so...a very worthwhile period piece from th'underground when armed revolution was in th' air 'n in th' jails...yippie-yii-yoh...


Anonymous Monosynaptic said...

Thanks for the re-up

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