...motts forth LP for island'n what would prove to be their last for th'label as th'sales obviously go down too well with th'company bean counters...kickin' off in fine style with some patented hoople chaos, part zimmerman amphetamine drive'n stonsian swagger it goes down mighty fine...followed on by a mid-tempo ballad type groove with all th'cats gettin' th'vibe'n playin' as a whole unit...trk 3 sees their interest in west coast psych risin' with a cool cover o' th'youngbloods 'darkness darkness' which shows they really had a handle on yanquee left coast acid vibes, even goin' back to when they were th'shakedown sound they could get to grips with californian acid pop/rock'n not come off weak'n befuddled like so many anglo combos who thought th'future was in west coast rock...theres next a long mott ballad that(th'journey)that takes a coupla plays to work its magic but it soon devolves itself from bein' 10minits to bein' timeless...back to rowdy mottin' with'sweet angeline'where they gettin' some whiskey swagger goin'...mariachi trumpets come in on th'next tune(second love)which is kinda funny but then they did dig sir doug so some tex-mex aint so far from wardour street after all...back to outright stones poundin' with trk7, copyin' th'jagger swagger where they show they know how th'glimmer twin aesthetic works, how to run th'cheyne walk voodoo down'n run it down good, also some whoisms mix in givin' this a nice 'london satin loon pant' groove...all recorded live in th'studio with guy stevens wavin' guns around in a last ditch attempt to get th'mott wagon firin' on all cylinders as he knew fully well it could given th'right incentive(phil spector /lee perry have also tried this trick when their charges need some geein' up)'last trk has some john lennon/macca white album mess about goin' on which brings th'whole thing to a conclusion, kinda startin' where they began a few years previously...


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