...takin' equal parts o' ol' bluegrass from th'older weirder tymes that had become hep'n prevalent due in no short part to bobs basement foray durin' th' fall o' 67 'n timeless reefered ballads these cats came up with one LP that still sounds magnificent 'n no way should be lumped in with th'pickin' 'n grinnin' country-rock schtick that was makin' headway durin' th' late six ohs...this comes from an older tradition o' singin' 'n playin' for th' fun o' it in a cabin waitin' for th'moonshine to perculate'n lubricate...check th'cover'n dig th' passin' o' th' reefer but th'wearin' o' dodgy biker caps no doubt musta helped this wax to not sell (apart from th' fact its too good for cubes)...dig it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this whole gawdamn blog is insane, thanks!

11:56 AM  

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