...good time jazzboism from th'twenties as interpreted by th'60s folk generation,th'folk revival that coincided with th'civil rights movement'n th'early psychedelic experiments that were happ'nin in basement clubs'n rich college dorms in certain left leanin''kweskin outfit operated in'n around th'east coast with boston bein' th'homebase'n in between giggin' festivals'n universities they knocked out a buncha stoned folk'n jazz joints with this one appearin' in 68 with a cool flower-power-NOW'sound o' reefer runnin' rampant is th'only way to describe this with th'humour comin' off th'wax,most definitely is from cats stoned to th'bone,is a friendly nod to th'audience, its a stoned life thats desireable as decreed by no lesser authority than th'jazzer louis armstrong who figured two spliffs a day was th'least a cat should toke on down...nicely flipped out grooves fulla kazoos,fiddles,jug,gloompy bass,banjos'n anything that crops up to enable this psychedelic skiffle party to let rip'n roar,to shake up th'good times from th'past'n go forward into th'modern world,transformed yet recognisably intact...


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