...with th' cover o'this biscuit comin' on lookin' like some teenage gory deathmetal'n th' combo gettin' lumped in with th'blackmetal warriors things look a bit complicated for died in th'wool purists o' both camps but when said disk is spun th' first thoughts're more o'late 70s sludge like san franciscos sleepers 'n towerin' swill mongers flipper(all fronted by th'roar o' hades or at least some grotesque from middle earth)...smear'd with plenty o'NO-WAVE thud like teenage jesus/DNA also help give this more history than just some water'd down metal lookin' to pick up geetus from th'trends...some cool slow motion riffin' through a heavy haze o' stoner smoke(trk4 pays homage to blue cheer drum patterns with plenty scrunch goin' on) takes this in yet another direction...compiled from two earlier wax this is a goodly peep at whats happ'nin' with these eastern gals o' rockin' thud'n screech...


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