...this is th'deads dark star as never heard before or probably since as its made up from over one hundred performances from '69 thru '93...its a tape manipulation project o'gigantic proportions welded together by john oswald o' th'plunderphonics workshop...through advanced new fangle-dangle technology john cut'n pasted minute snippets from 24 years o'dark star groovin' to come up with th'ultimate temporal disruption o' live deadness...hear jerry get buzzin' with sonic string bendin' years apart glidin' harmoniously through th'cosmos over different drum patterns that fall into one chilled out earth beat...hours o'fun for all layabouts with th'quizzical ear tryin' to figure where one piece ends'n another begins...could ware down a cats stash its that addictive...a fine addition to th' mountain o'dead material clutterin' up most heads shelves...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you man.

5:41 AM  

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