...first LP from these tripped beatnix 'n th'first psychedelic rock waxin'?...its certainly a rock disk more than a rock&roll in th'more accepted sense for its release year o'1966...its psychedelik in a very unconscious way cos these cats weren't settin' out to be rock/pop with glossy popsike gimmicks overlaid(still in its infancy durin' 66) nor were they settin' out to be different'n hopefully get noticed, this music came naturally to them, even th'jug was there without any thoughts that it shouldn't be, or even vice versa, it just was there, 'n there it stayed helpin' to set th'wigged out sounds in motion...th' guitars gotta heavy blazin' ballroom slurry twang that really does its job, they just burn straight through to th' inner mindmass o' all receptive list'ners,'n then spiral outwards for th'ensuin' journeys that take place every time th'wax is spun...if'n th'elevators had any inklin' th' sounds would be revolutionary'n stretch eventually across th'hep globe(also more than a few squares try to get in on th' buzz droppin' their name as some kinda code sayin' that they know whats happ'nin, sorta velvets style chatter), they wouldn't have produced such a stonkin' masterpiece, cos thoughts o' technique, even on a teenage level woulda come into play 'n th' eventual copyin' o' combos who came closest to whatever groove was tryin' to be cooked up...they just took th' blueprint from 50rockers 'n proceeded to de/re/contruct white light temporal dissolvin' tuneage...credit has gotta go to th'studio with its cheap bass tinny echo sound which helps tell th'story o' why this biscuit is a singular groove that actually hadn't been formed or codified yet(as with th' first stooges wax/velvets 2nd/early mayhem its th' studio sound noise that more than adds to th' whole sensation)...such had th'wigginess o' this lp become th'must have cultural thing in certain underground circles in th'early seventies that legend has sprung forth o' a shootin' in a head shop when there was a dispute over th' ownership o' said biscuit...


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