...sometimes there's nothin' better than a neanderthal blast o' prime troggism 'n this comp is a fizzin' double biscuit o' heavy slop from th'andover foursome...right from th'kick off th'first tune has all th'ingredients that make up quality trogg blare, its all here, not quite fully formed but its easy to see from this two minutes that they had an idea o'what made a punchy noise just right for th'times, straddlin' commerciality with club thud...there's been about a thousand'n one trogg comps'n exploitational wax over th'decades'n nearly all o' them fall short o' th'mark by includin' too many o' th' ballads that just didn't cut it, but here th'ballads included're their better efforts but that dont matter too much cos th'poundin tunes far outnumber them...takes in th'first 10 years o' troggnacious livin'(even now on a good night a lounge/oldies trogg gig is top swill)which o' course is really where its at, movin' from garage r'n'b to mersh thudpop to psych/hard rock on into th' seventies by which time they were goin' with th' trends 'n not inventin' their own version o' th'current buzz, which again is o' no concern to cats who know th'score when it comes to th'troggbeat...easy to see why lester bangs mesh'd his gears over these hooligans, th'snear'n th'thud; aint a thing out there to match it...a wild'n groovy ride to th'caves o'th' yesterdays mind...


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