...it seems as if cocaine aint th'only thing colombias got a grip on if'n this double wax is any indication they gotta tight hold on th'ol' rockin' grooves...widely unknown outside a small pocket o' hepsters these cats can blow up a storm o' rockin' noise...from '87 comes this heavy vibes underground metal blowout o' somewhat epic proportions...ruff'n ready 'n raw, great blasts o'mindwrenchin' swill burst forth from th'speakers offerin' no compromise to th' list'ner as barrages o'psychedelic death metal string rippin' tear at th'smoke filled air openin' views to other dimensions...prog-rock'n jazzbo time changes keep th'disorientation at a full on level...these cats woulda been right at home on th'SST label back in th'day but then as circumstances conspired that mighta been a dead end as that label went into some kinda downward spiral as th' roster filled up with jazz stoners'n somewhat limp pop-punk...


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