...any layabouts gettin' to thinkin' this decades re-revaluation/discovery by th'trendoids'n citizens in general ain't generatin' th'correct heat with th'latest wax bein' a 'goin thru th' motions' with some friendly production'n th' tourin' amountin' to nothin' in th' trash'd tapestry that is basic rockin'n rollin'...this version o' th' first major foray into changin' th' state o' six-oh gutter screech is th' euro '88 edition'n lookin' back this is one swell heep o' treblelated racket that when th'volume knob is registerin' on stun(th'required settin' when list'nin' to primo garbage'n swill) will bring forth th'agony o' bein' stuck in a collapsin' authority obsessed culture...this outta control junkyard dog will make an expressway straight to th'centre o' th'mind'n bore an endless groove to inner consciousness without any untoward tamperin' o' th' truth...freakout for 'nother day...


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