Friday o' th' great artpop LPs from th' daze when these kinda disks used to seep out to a widely disinterested public...hollywood jazzbo moves, high choral noise risin' to envelope th' listener 'n a myriad o' instruments weavin' their way around this tapestry o' delights...lessons learnt while checkin' revolver were put to good use 'n taken to th'next level in th'pop continium...theres more goin' on in this wax than could ever be mentioned in any amount o' wise volumes o' worditure for students o' th' popisphere o' wonderment...cats could be well advised to get in a grooveacious state 'n dig affirmin' to say th' least... a bit o' an aside th'above propaganda in th'picture really says it all; for cats who'er been checkin' such verbose speil for a moon or two will know thats th' end o' this combo right there 'n then...set up as th' next big thing aint gonna do it for no-one no time/any time...


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