...another one o' those beantown crews that got caught up in th'bosstown palava o' th'late six ohs which ruined many fine combos, this thing starts off real cool with some exploito style hyped chat intoducin' a sears roebuck rendition o' psychedelicness...great heavyhanded use o' stereo with th'producer jammin' th' faders up/down/sideways 'n anyways possible...th'second trk is some bonkers garage r'n'b with super hypnotic stereo pannin' piano...elsewhere raga influenced ballroom distorto guitar riffin' comes on strong aided with hep poundin' drums that keeps th'whole shebang nice 'n lively...overall a chippa LP o' transitionalness when garage riffin' met funky organ swells 'n fuzzy trance guitar slashin'...much better than some psychrock snobs would have th'unsuspectin' believe...great wax, very worthy o' spin time...


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