...along with frisco combo tripsichord music box, kak were one o' th'also rans, leavin' a great LP behind but makin' no real impression at th'time 'n none since...head honcho gary yoder went onto blue cheer as that bands light was startin' to diminish but otherwise only known to collectors...unmistakeably a ballroom crowd pleasin' noise which live would go down a storm on th'more heavy guitar acid blowouts but theres a coupla country rockish moments that whilst bein' cool're not as required as th'combo obviously thought they might be(they shoulda left that to moby grape)...for cats who dig th'west coast acid mind soup vibrations from late 60 times there will be no disappointments but no great revelations though trk eight does burrow into th'cranium with its stingin' snakey guitar squeal that hits th'spot totally...


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