...when motown records decided it was time in '69 to grab ahold o' some hippy bread they started a subsiduary called 'weed' 'n chris clark was transferred from th' parent company 'n given a hep underground make over...dig th' cover, shes lookin' like 'n extra from a spaghetti'tunes are covers o' th'day given a funky-stretched-out rock vibe,there some sound fx makin' a nice late '60's vibe, everything is nice 'n cooled out ready to cozy up'n beam outta some longhair didn't happen, it was blanked by underground heads'n soul cats thought it was a sellout at best...its a real nice list'nin' experience'n repays a few plays...its obvious that th'cats playin' are th'motown superfluent studio crew havin' some fun workin' on this new lounge rockin biscuit 'n its a real drag she didn't make another LP after this'd be super chippa if'n norman whitfield had produced it...that'd be swell...


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