...with one too many trips, th'abandonment o' smile, th'rest o' th' combo (dennis apart) dissin' all brians studio efforts, complainin' th' music was too complicated for th' roobs 'n therefore not a revenue generator, th'pullin' outta monterey fest. cos they knew th'material they did have was wayfully outta date for th'emergin' counterculture, '67 marked th'year everythin' went to th'wall for th'boys, their time in th' sun was over, newer more relevant sounds were now catchin' th'ear o' teenys 'n hippys...all that don't stop this wax bein' a real niftyearfull, with some reworked smile grooves, 'n some new calm sounds just right for explorin' th' inner universe...


Anonymous little pad said...

OK so it gets a little cute here and there but this one's so full of terrific moments and lovely ideas that are mostly carried out with conviction and lots of creativity, that if you like it at all then you'll like it a lot. It's considered a mere shadow of the aborted Smile and issued on the rebound to fill the gap, but it still makes most albums of the time sound barren and one-dimensional. Includes Good Vibrations and Heroes and Villains (wow), and it's funny too.

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