Wednesday had many texas sunbaked acidheads before them, they made th'trek from a mainly oppressive atmosphere o' their home state to th'more 'welcomin' environment o' ol' th'80s began these cats were to be found livin' in enormous abandoned beer vats 'n startin' to create some mind warpin' swill that would see them gain worldwide underground attention...this is their first full length wax, after a coupla goes round with extended play format for alternative tentacles label recorded at th'end o'83 but not released for another year cos o' record co. mess ups...fulla missives from a deseased mind injected with just th' right amount o' studio thing that can definitely be said about these layabouts is that they know exactly th' way mind gloopin' technology should be used before th' whole shebang becomes a joke that gets tired before it starts(in later years major record co. shenanigans would make them sometimes conform to trendmaker hooks but even then there's some instances o' white light moments, th' amount o' hollywood flix they been featured in gives th' truth o' 'yesterday ridicule/today really cool')...oozin' its way into every cranial passage 'n explodin into something akin to a swamp on fire(if such occurances is possible)...heads who dig th' chronology o' psychedelic noise 'n how it all hooks up in th' tattered weave that is th' great rock'n roll tapestry will dig th' fact this bubbles outta basement-punk like th' dead 15years before 'n they know how to ride a rudimentary riff like hawkwind(this is most evident on trk10)...way more out there in wig liftin' flipcity terms than th' contemporary 'paisley underground' shuck that was gettin' paid more than its due attention...set th' standards against which noise rock 'n th'spinoff genres were to be judged for over a decade...


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