...lester bangs got some kinda bead on this wax when he enlighten'd his readers with th'blabber that its up there with john/yoko'life with th'lions'-blonde on blonde-teenage jesus as landmarks in th'meanderin' path o' rockroll but that only goes so far in th''shaggs came up with/invented their own time/beat /rhythms/tuneins'n all things that go into this 20th-century expression through teenage noise'n bein' sisters they had immediate communcation without it bein' spoken o',this is just as they see it,no adherence to th'past because there is no past, just th'ongoin' moment o' NOW...recorded in one day in march '69,there is not one shred o'evidence that they knew anything o' th'chart situation(archies/tommy roe/creedence)or that th'counterculture had sprung up new stars(airplane/doors/sly stone)...this can't even be called avant garde as that would imply they knew about square/normal art'n took to subvertin' it,this is work that arrives fully formed,everything as it should be(no tweakin'n learnin' about 'accepted' practise, no gettin' 'better at th'craft''n other 'ideas' that ruin rockroll/jazz)...incredible real lyrics that blow all other poetic licks into th'garbage pale'n bury them for a thousand moons...if this does fit in anywhere its with th'NO-Wave o' late seventies/post punk 80s with th'thud'n clang that would emerge from certain forward lookin' combos(none o' which had th'warmness o' th'shaggs),a lotta this post punk clunk had no intent on warmness it was purposely confrontational to squares, whereas th'shaggs dont have concepts as hep or square, just o'bein' alive'n considerate...indeed it was re-released by NRBQ in 1980 but that fell into th'bargain bin promptly but it was not enough to keep th'name o' th'shaggs down, they permeated th'hepster hemisphere'n eventually took their rightful place at th'forfront o' tomorrow...there is no other disks like th'shaggs, truely number one in a field o' one'n more importantly when grabbin' a lobeful o'philosphy a cat gonna know th'shaggs're ya friend'n not many wax can honestly say that...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what Ed Wood would have sounded like, if he had decided to be a "musician" instead of a "film maker."

I have never ever heard anything else remotely like the Shaggs.

5:54 PM  

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