...third long player from bridget'n th'sound has once more changed, this time its more full, fleshed out with many instuments though none get in th'way o'bridgets captivatin' voice...there's some slight country sounds filtered through an albion pastorialism, obviously in some effort to garner sales but this doesn't take anything away from th'overall picture o'afternoons spent lazin' by th' th'attempt for some commercialism in th'colonies there some covers o'yanquee toons by bob zimmerman/buddy holly which may have hurt sales to her original admirers but today they sound okay if'n slightly outta place...this reissue comes with some contemporary live trx recorded in france...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for these postings, first came across her as an accompanist on other peoples albums [eg kevin ayers]. god but i love that voice!
ps some June Tabor wouldnt go amiss either.....

1:35 PM  

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