...this is a useful object for some o' that time travelin' stuff with th'good sound makin' it easy to think its july '64 'n that popular folkrock/psychpop ain't been thought o' to any commercial extent...recorded at a gig at th' 'top o' th'tangent' folk spot catchin' th' combo doin' some nice tunes that will pop up from time to time durin' th' next 30years o' deadness...playin's nice 'n loose'n th'announcer at th' beginnin' says these guys are 'a panic to watch' with all their careerin'/bickerin' around on stage (though it must be said it sounds normal today)...audience is real polite'n attentive which is somethin' that aint so much th' norm in th'present age...a coupla nice touches is th'combo apologisin' for not havin' any modern songs... just these ol' jugband/hokum ditties all th'way 'n all th' better for that... th' only bummer with this release is th' cutesy cover that just dont hit th'spot at all...


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