...second long player from johnyoko'n can be divided into two distinct entities, first side a 26minit freejazz blowout'n side two, more personal type stuff'n some 'home experiments''long piece on side ones called cambridge 69'n its yoko givin' out with her primal trance screamin' with john buzzin 'round with some guitar feedback'n a coupla jazz cats honkin' up a storm with th'saxes...its a top groove that would look real neat on a ESP-Disk record(one sided with maybe some lennon etchins on th'reverse, blurred b&w photo on th'cover), up there with 'mind train', though not as rocknroll as that trk, more basement avant that probably sold a coupla copies back in th'day in places like cleveland that had a nascent fervour for th'developin' avant rock underground(rocket from th'tombs/mirrors etc)...this was probably not passed over by th'destroy all monsters collective outta detroit who knew about doin' things differently as this sorta racket is right on their'other sides got yoko intonin' for beatle john, who bein' a decent chap gave up his hospital bed when it was needed, some unborn heartbeats, two minits o' silence'n some radio dial twiddlin' set to a crazy backin' beat, all jolly good fun'n for lennon he was puncturin' th'fab4 myth by steppin' outside th'given norms o' pop stardom'n comin' up with th'surreal, much like an aural sculpture o' his book writin's, with this release he was puttin a 'spaniard in th' works', possibly more so than with th'first johnyoko, 'two virgins' which many saw as a momentary lapse o' judgement hopefully not to be repeated...soundtrack to th'chaotic year that was 1968 when cities'n minds were burnin' with desire, when fresh dreams were growin' in th'midst o' pig oppression everywhere...


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