...when th' boys sign'd on at warner bros. th'first version o' this LP was rejected as not havin' strong enough material so instead o' havin' another smile 'no show' on his hands brian knock'd out some more trx 'n then everyone was happy...a superior disk 'n totally worthy o' their name (which at that time was mud in count'rcultural standin'n not much better with th'cubes), with no really embarrassin' dips to put a cat off...th' boys seem very much into th' whole thing 'n dennis gets 3 trx which is a bonus thats real cool 'n welcome...top way to kick off th' new decade, with some superb spiritual grooves comin' through givin' off yet more good vibrations...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This artificial slang of yours is sickening and pointless.

5:55 PM  

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