...basically a tally up o'pats immediate LPs, n' very groovacious it is...andy loog thought he'd struck gold with this ikette when she agreed to stay in olde london towne 'n sign with his immediate label...galpop 'n lounge/supper-club soul is th' order o' th' day, most done in andys patented spectoramascope to give these tunes some clang when they burst outta th' speakers...steve 'n ronnie (small faces)'n jagger do some producin' also, th' whole thing one great pop blow out with pat beltin' out some swingin' london clubland vibes...unfortunately for pat th' swingin' city was changin' its taste (as evidenced by her backin' band th' nice, formed especially for her, doin' all th'businee on live appearances) 'n immediate was gonna go under before too long leavin' her funky soul popness in a kinda netherworld for far too long (like 40years)...


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