Thursday early slice o' art/pop from th' hollywood hills late '60's...orchestral cut-upz 'n poetry collide curteous o' v.d.p pop kid fact he was way too genius for th'citizens as this release was blanked by nearly everyone from squares right down to th'underground...first off it was hyped as th'record o' th'year 'n th' future o' music',(that sorta garbage always brings with it a dose o' bad vibes,quite often total disaster'n bouts o' drug addled depression) top that P.R. mess-up'n go for broke, it was virtually given away for one cent by th' record co. th' next year in a 'loss-leader-giveaway-mail-offer' to any young heads willin' to take th' 'risk'...they ran this ad campaign twice cos still th' rock heads wouldn't take th' bait 'n give up any scratch (not even one cent)...all in all a great insult to one o' th' immense singular disks o' that strange period in hep noise time...


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