...th' trick with gettin' on th'cozy side with th'dino QMS slabs is just that, ya gotta think o' them as solo dino platters... this might be a bit hard for dedicated west coast heads but its th'only way to deal with th'whole shebang... he was there at th' beginnin' after all 'n if'n he didn't have an appointment at one o' th' great societies rest homes th'whole QMS story would have been a different kettle o' cherries anyhows... these first two become really tasty platters when all acid ballroom damage baggage is ejected 'n checked out in their own space...heads that once did give them needle time found just for love th' favourite but what about me may come off better with th' passin' of time... its a nice folky jazzbo funky hippy rock effort that stands on its own merits... both need to be played loud to get the benefit of these island treats......with th' quicksilver slab there was more o' what dino liked best in th' way o' sound 'n that was himself...yep, more hippy rural rock type grooves 'n a few possible loner stoner touches, but this is undoubtably a dino messenger service biscuit...comin thru appeared in 72 'n by th' looks o' things th'other cats were gettin' a look in as regards th' writin dept cos dino was workin' as a co-operative cat for a change, though probably just had other things to attend to...no matter cos this one was startin' to fire on a few more cylinders 'n th'old back burners were gettin' goin', some funky rockin' was happenin', but in th' end it was too late, th'quicks had lost th'message 'n that was that, never to get really back into gear, times 'n sound had changed forever......to round things out nice'n easy theres th' cat himself back in '68, just outta hock 'n on th' block managin' to score a major rec. co. deal 'n put out this ponderin' loner stoner epic...once heard never forgotten this is a mighty piece o' wax which divided a lotta west coast heads back in th'day cos a lot cats weren't ready for this sorta dragged out intencity...its th' real deal 'n comes with extra width for cats who just cant get enough...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about me and me and my uncle are 2 great tracks-no doubt there are more, but they are just all-time faves of mine

11:01 AM  

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