...very nice audience tape from when janis appeared for th' first'n only time in london in april 69 as th' last date o' her euroland tour...durin' th' breaks in th' tunes we hear th'cats round th' taper givin' forth with opinions etc, all helpin' th' evenin' into th' NOW so th' list'ner kinda gets th'vibe this is th'first time for all concerned,let th'show unfold (once more)'audience really dig janis'n are totally on it with enthusiasm all th'way through, they dig th'attitude 'n realness that flows from performer to th' gather'd mass o' heads 'n rock royalty(beatles/stones pay homage to th' blooz shouter from th'new world)...janis lays down a few o' her patented raps, 'n tells all that she really digs th' london groove, its where its AT...this is history goin' down here as janis is accepted in th'capital o''kozmic blues band are a bit lumberin' in places but then they'd been giggin' most o' th' year('n would work solid to th'end o' it) so it aint surprisin'...


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