...losangelesfreemusicsociety was/is a collective from said city that started in th' mid seventies durin' one o' th'fallowed periods in th' timespan o' rockin'...workin' together 'n seperately they started issuin' tapes 'n limited pressin's o' their version o' rock...evolvin' outta love for th' mothers/beefheart/free jazz/collage these cats took off for th' heart o' th' underground with dadaist prog/noise rock/quirky pop 'n just plain ol' rock'n roll...many moons back a 10disk box crept out 'n kept a few discriminatin' heads well happy 'n amused with hours o' genuine crazy fun...this disk is some choice moments from that box o' goodys 'n unreleased gems to give it extra mileage...a small but ever so tasty look at th' underground scene from th' capitalist home o' 'rock'...


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