...this first slice from lee is absolutely th'best effort he ever put out,'n thats without a doubt,just a solid fact that cant be denied...psychedelic early acid rock blowout from th'first months o' 68 'n this is guitar heavy, some o' it will rip a cats head off...shards o' wig liftin' stringbendin' weave around lees keys...way better than some o' th'lumberin' turgid rock he somehow later thought was th'way forward...if'n th'intencity o' some o' these trx had been melded to his r'n'b vibes a lotta hot scorchin' sauce coulda been poured into some proper pumped grooves...dig this, its the real deal 'n that aint no mistake jake...who th'record co. thought this might be aimed at is still a mystery cos that cover just about gotta be th'most drugged out retardo idea goin' in th'way o' gettin' layabout hippy bread, OOO-EEE-OOO...


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