...this first alice cooper combo were certainly th'best version'n this wax testifys to that proclomation four fold at least, with some real cool blowouts o' underground'whole shebang kicks off with a coupla rockers tailor made for th'new seventies teenage market,th'second gets a velvets riff goin' to ride th'tune on, then th'first o'some amazin' grooves, trk 3(halo o' flies)comes on with some guitar noodle straight from some acid rock band like clear light with trippy fx guitar strum,slightly psych, then into a street level prog riff(no clever-clever college variety)sorta like th' pink fairies which makes a lotta sense as th'coops always dug th'anglo psych noise in all its guise, later th'trk hits a love'forever changes' string arrangement followed by tribal drum'n more riff groovin' on a russian cossack trip(this gotta be coops contribution to temporal stradlin' world music or something similar)...more forever changes sound start th'fourth tune, which crosses into jimbo morrison quiet moanin', proof theres been some checkin' out by th'cooper cats o' ol' elektra acid rock LPs which were creepin' into hep urban locales in various parts o' th'globe via bargin bins at th' beginnin' o' th'seven ohs...side two gets underway with another coupla street rockers, th'type which would become currency for leather jacketed underground garage bands for this new decade...trk 3 again, (this time 'dead babies')tells th' story o' drug abuse from an interestin' 'stepford wives gone real spazz' angle, in some ways its th'story o' amerikkkan seventies youth with their addiction to quaaludes to dull th'psychological effects o' a claustophobic finkin' society with its petty restrictions /cops on every corner like guards in th'plastic consumer concentration camp...some doors style moves crop up again in th'middle then th'thing winds down by reinforcin' th'earlier sentiments like th'inevitable will be th'outcome from a society out o' control/stuck in manipulation for dollars, blind obedience or death...theres a coatin o' 67 anglo psych smeared over this one but a cat cant be dozin' or th'vibe will leave...title trk is last with more morrison grooves ridin' a psychedelic ballroom riff'n some tribal trance drums 'n voodoo wailin'n prayer to a high entity...a lot o' this wax harks back to 67 but not a tangible 67, more a feelin' o' what coulda happ'ned if hard blooz rock hadn't come in so strong'n th'yardbirds had kept jeff'n jimmy wailin' at marquee club sunday afternoon freakouts, if th'doors had been more rocknroll'n morrison less ego driven, kinda like if jimbo had jammed political/spiritual poetry with th'yardbirds durin' their velvet collar harpsichord' coops wouldn't again reach this high point, tho th'next coupla slabs were by no means slouchy this is th'end o' th'initial cooper voyage to take rocknroll further by continuin' th'vibes started five years earlier with tunes like 'satisfaction''happ'nin ten years time ago', pushed further by cats like th'early groovies'n floyd/deviants 'n th' various elektra acid rockers/poppers(clear light/crabby appleton/morrison/stalk forrest group)who all got fixated doin' their versions o' los angeles meets swingin' london a way its fittin'n inevitable this groove would finish in th'early seventies as th'drugs got heavier'n more pervasive through straight'n hep worlds,rock'nroll became just plain ol' rock'n attention spans became more limited only needin' dull thuds from sloppy boogie'veitnam fiasco was needin' less cannon fodder as th'decade progressed so teenage thinkin' was less important in th' general game o' consumer life, dullards, both heavy rock'n singer songwriters took center stage with alice cooper becomin' pop stars then pop star then golfer/comedian,'n finally an irrelevant parody solo act...


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