Sunday o' th'handfull o' combos that have come to define th'albion late sixties sound that was th'logical end o' th' R&B explosion that had happ'ned eight years earlier...combinin' post R&B/club soul/hornrock 'n riffin' jazz inflected hard rock they fell between jools/auger on th'jazzbo front 'n pesky gee on th' post club soul tip...this end o' th' progressive rainbow didn't really get past 70/71 before most o' its practitioners fell away to mainstream/'funky' jazz in continental cities or into paid pop group/session slog...this bein' th' only LP released durin' th' life o' this combo, its a great example o' th'above hype 'n contains nice'n cool workout on bob's 'watchtower' jam...


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