Thursday 1967 when th'boys pulled outta th'monterey pop fest they signed their death warrant as far as bein' any sorta relevant force in rock'nroll, especially in th'newly emergin' hippy stratosphere where relevance was th'be all'n end'fabs 'pepper' had upped th'game to such a degree no one stood a chance o' catchin' up, not even th'beatles were gonna top this biscuit as cultural icon, talisman for th'spaced out youth generation...with 'wild honey' brian'n th'boys went back to th'roots, not their roots so much as th'gospel R&B naturalness o' rockroll, here they were groovin' in a memphis vibe, gettin' cooled out'n funky with some hotcha grooves'n lazy- stretched-out-but-tight...its kinda like diggin' them in a chilled basement fulla heads kickin' th'gong around, with no 'hipper-than-thou' socialite hippys dissin' th'sound(who're really th'latest dressed up fad that th'squares have latched onto)...this is th'beach boys important statement for th'summer o' love patrons, it says GET BACK, just as bob'n th'band were doin' with th'basement tapes that was happ'nin' at th'big pink house at around th'same time...both these yanquee outfits were gettin' back due to pressure o' square society that was goin' down in th'mid 60s, brian had th'press sayin' he was th'yanque equivalent o' th'fabs'n as such was expected to generate th'same quality'n amount o' work th'beatles were layin' down only th'fab4 worked as a unit, brian had to work with his band ignorin' him, unable to get to grips with brians groove they complained th'music couldn't be replicated on stage, they didn't try to mold brians ideas into combo rockin' so brian had to ignore THEM which in turn made his writin's all th'more obtuse, gettin' further from th'source'n closer to his inner mind...bob 'retired' after fallin' off his cycle'n makin' this slight accident an excuse to get away from th'college students/newspapers callin' him th'spokeman for a generation who had all th'answers to combat th'downpresser man...wild honey is a great collection o' tunes, maybe more list'nable than 'pet sounds/SMiLE' when th'mood is hazy'n distant'n recognised as such by th'fabs who dug this wax to th'upmost, ironically bein' th'exact thing they thought they weren't which was relevant...


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