...once upon a long gone moon a cat had to rely on rumour, hearsay 'n th' babblin' o'colorful lucy nation for any info on th' true underground scene cos today heads 'know too much' 'n it can take th' mystery 'n magnificence away from diggin' top grist...cats can be real dragged to find out that th'fave rockin' monsters from weirdsville're in fact a bunch o' cuby sad sacks ...what if th'only info out there on th'red crayola was a piece o' filla from some square lonestar news rag 'n a bootleg o' th' unreleased second wax...if'n th' mothers only put out th'son o' monster magnet jam 'n all info came from th'mouth o' suzy chreemcheese...if teenage jesus had played their first 10minute gig 'n disappeared into smokey haze...thats where th'disk in question here is well fine'n dandy cos not too much exists in th' way o' tangible evidence o' their existence even this far down th' pike...been reissued a coupla times but th' trxlist is always different 'n th' cover is never th'same so dreams 'n wishful thinkin' fill th' void 'n a gauze is pulled across known reality 'n substance loses its half hour o' mind fryin' avant slop o' unknown origin is here to give th'day an off kilter sheen...know th' unreal dreams o' yesterday yet unborn...


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