...th' seventies were under way when this wax came down th' pike with new artists 'n old re-inventin' for th' future...though th' titles a holdover from smile th'listenin' position 'n time is th'opposite, this is for diggin' when th' surfs down 'n out, a time when th' board is leanin' against th' wall awaitin' another day...with its address on th' state o' amerikkka, with its wasteful useless products, pollution o' land 'n sea 'n destruction o' youth who may wish a different lifestyle it picked up some hippy radio airplay that had been denied for years (in fact FM radio had blanked th' combo since its formation)...brian writes three songs 'n overall things're lookin' up 'n maybe they could become a force in music once more, only time would tell...


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