...second go round for th'hooplin' cats'n this time they get elbow deep in th'ballad bowl with copius whiskey shots poured over ''coupla crowd pleasin' rockers they dish out're par for th'course durin' th'mott tenure at island recs. with all cylinders pumpin' out th'groove...with this wax bein' top heavy in th'slow 'n funky department this is gotta be a prime candidate for late night list'nin' with th'outside world safely kept at a measured distance, no squares disturbin' th'vibes, th'room must become a shrine to th'eternal bein' o' mottness,'n with all th'keyboard work here,both piano'n organ,this is sanctified hooplin' that only th'righteous disciples can be allowed to dig...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've wanted to hear this since 2000, when Julian Cope wrote a great review of it:
Thanks! Great blog! I've been leechin' off you for months now, please accept my apologies. Respect!

6:28 PM  

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