...these frisco artschool beatnix never actually got past one single release back in th' day but they did cut a fair few tunes over a coupla years(65/7)'n they got gather'd up 'n put out on this swell'n groovy disk...a perfect blendin' o' merseybeat'n folk much like many others on th'west coast but these cuts got something else a little undefinable at first but after list'nin a while most layabouts hep to th'mid60 beat will recognize a pop perfection happ'nin, not necessarily in a chart bound sound way but easy to imagine th'monkees wishin' they could be this real when left to their own devices...not psychedelic in a acid pop/orchestral pop way but guaranteed to supply good vibes for melt'd mynds...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool , great grooves for the head & feet! Close yr eyes n yr "there".
THANKS For All the great music!

6:10 PM  

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