...this is th'LP that gave th'coops th'needed push to take it to th'roobs who'd been gettin' an eyefull o'alice on th'tourin' they'd been doin' in 1970, takin' their brand o' psyched heavy garage rock to many dislocated nooks'n crannies around uncle sams autocracy...they scored a hit single with 'eighteen''n th'long player held many cool rockers, th'first o'which opens th'disk, a totally cool underground garage blowout that would be one o' th'tenplates on which th'76/7 punk explosion would be modelled(sex pistols always had time for alice,'n so th'dead boys)...trk four on th'first side is th'black juju' stretchout where th'coops take pink floyds U.F.O extended groove marathons from 66/7 'n load it with hollywood drug paranoia, this is sunset strip sleazy voodoo that would give th'laurel canyon whiners th'jitters as they tried to usurp teenage thinkin' with earth shoe mysticism, th'real mystic/carny groove is right here, not on some country rock waxin'...theatricality is on side two with 'dwight frye' surrounded by more rock slabs o' 3 minuit groove attacks with cool proto metalic guitar runs, th'perfect sound to take acid rock stringbendin' into th'new'wax ends with more voodoo this time courtesy o' rolf harris 'sun arise'(very sinewy acid pop from early sixties in its original form)givin' hope to disenfranchised cannon fodder waitin' for th'call to protect th'empires business concerns, in th'way th'original cooper band did, they took th'doctrine o'beatnik livin' into th'seventies when most had given up or never really beleived in th'good vibrations to begin filler, just total killer diller jack'n thats no mistake...


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