...ESP-Disk sure had th'real out there folks back then in them there 6oh times'n patty sure was out there if'n nowhere else...not too many got to really dig her stuff back then'n if'n they did they'd not know what to think, at least for a while cos there's some strange things happenin' thats for sure...for a while on th' first 7trx shes a nightclub pianist/singer from some part o' greenwich village where th'hep boho hooligans hang 'n not from th' clubs that let johnny staccato in...trk 8 sees th' whole shebang upend 'n some kinda avant clatter noise springs up 'n patty gets to grip with whats on her mind'n by th' sounds o' it its a pretty heavy'rest o' this disk is taken up with her follow up a live college engagement 'n this is th'real deal...pattys shreikin' is full on 'n she really blows up a storm while th'cats backin' her're some hep beatnik dads from th' ESP label 'n they kick up some high energy free spirit splat...pat throws in some cool nightclub vibes here 'n there just to give some space 'n tension to th' evenin' (give th'audience a rest from th' noise onslaught as well, most college goers were still square when it came to th'out grooves o' free(d) jazzboin')...what is nice also about this release is th'tape hiss has been left on to give it th'same impact on th' list'ners today as when it was rage from beginin' to end, seperatin' heads from civilians is a stone gone conclusion 'n solid possibility...


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