...bridgets debut was th'first LP released on john peels perfectly formed dandelion records in th' summer o' 69'n no cat could ask for a better sound than what greets th'list'ner, a kinda pop long hair folk groove but her voice is what singles this out from th'countless other dull folk biscuits that spread out into th'market place at th' end o' th'60's...shes gotta beautiful off centre hippy sound like a nottin hill/ladbroke grove nico with a slightly better disposition, not as domineerin' as th'german chantoosee...sparse guitars(john martin plays on this)'n bongos keep this in th'warm personal zone as th'toons float by on a cloud o'sweet smoke...groovy sunny afternoons spent in quiet contemplation by th'imagined river bank would suit this as a list'nin' takes place especially th'title trk...naturally such a wonderful wispful disk slipped between th'cracks as modern folk/college ears were bein' atuned to th'caroles'n jonis o' laurel canyon while th'hep london songstress carried on in abandoned isolation...


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