Friday this is a very nice artifact o' daze gone by, th'unreleased 69 album from early b.o.c when they were th' stalk forrest group...its got some nice quicksilver style guitar but on a much more consise 'n economical tip, not extended ballroom jams, this is compact, not meanderin'' arrangements give off a mild air o' pete townshend meets westcoast acid rock (with a bit o' country rock, though thats more likely a temporal thing, a coupla years on 'n that wouldn't be there)...why elektra failed to release this debut gem is a strange puzzler cos this is right up there with other top draw combos (clear light/love/quill/wackers) makin' th'label th'heppest o' hep...this coaster comes complete with demos 'n mono 45 arthur comics, very very cool 'n chippa...


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