...second effort from these beaners was recorded in late '67 'n shows a maturity with this bein' a work o' rock with some psych moves 'n orchestral bits 'n bobs...there also lies th'problem for some cats who are wary o' th' word maturity when its in th'vacinity o' th'rock'n'roll vibe...th' first disk was punk'd out psych riffin' 'n poundin' whereas this later wax loses th'punk groove 'n stretches out to th' more new rock sound that was comin' into its own by '68...th'main claim o' this disk is th' 17minute 'baby please dont go' over on th'second side which may need a reefer to help it along but fairly ok anyways...may need a few spins for it to work some charm...


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