...formed in th'mid seventies in paris by vocalist fabienne shine who wails in fine fashion as a rockin' metal maiden/punk siren on this first'n best waxin'(th'second one had fancy production courtesy sandy pearlman who was practisin' ideas for th'next blue oyster cult)...recorded in london'n released to th'great unwashed who quickly, but wrongly decided they were hard rock in th'year o' punk, thus behind th'times,this disappeared into th'cut out bins...good rockroll riffin' like prime decadent stones'n th'toons th'groovies were recordin' in th'early seventees, this is enhanced by th'no nonsense production, this is just good thud rockin'/guitar scrapin' taped in th'moment with harp blowin'n rockin' piano-poundin' used as embellishments...they turned more mainstream on th'next'n last wax with ross th'boss from th'dictators joinin' full time'n bringin' in yanquee formula rock so o' course less interestin', but this wax is a solid sendin' blast...


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