...more art grooves on vans second bid for 'stardom', 'n this time th'pallet has some new colors to play with...diggin' some calypso vibes 'n arrangin' some trinidian songs/mixin' decades 'n styles van comes up another trip back to times 'n places real or imagined in th' whole return to roots/get back phenomena that was happ'nin' back in th' unwash'denimhippy daze when uncle sam called for blood sacrifice both home 'n away...not to be confused with any world music hype that some may wish to lump this with, this is a well hep groove that don't sit next to nothin' except th' first effort...cats unsure o' whats happ'nin' with this disk may need to play a coupla times before gettin' down for a lobe massage... just let th' jams work their way to th' center o' th'mind where anything should be possible...


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