...some real ace 'n cool avant squelch from one o' th' backrooms o' rocknroll...workin' with electronix 'n cheap tape manglin' these cats were ahead o' th' game when it came to future rockin'...a cat only has to look at th' years these were recorded to know this aint happ'nin' too many places (roxy music were avant/lounge in th' charts/ron geeson/floyd blowin up with dark side etc...)' underground had to assert itself again so th' cabs 'n throbbing gristle 'n others workin' alone in seclusion were gradually movin' towards overground via early punk publicity...this early stuff really is a first class ticket to tomorrow coz this noise is well list'nable in th' modern age which was th' future 'n soon it'll be later than that but this gear gonna keep on sailin' coz this is pure outpourin's o' fun 'n thought...any layabouts missin' out on this racket back in th' day can tread with confidence with these dusty yet shinnin' historical bleatin's...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


it's a great band (one of my favorits), but a dead link.

Thank you for (re)posting...

P.S. Nice site with very interesting material.

Greetings from Germany

4:45 PM  
Blogger kevinass said...

the link she's broken

9:14 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

all fixed,this is a real cool earfull...

12:04 PM  

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