...nine o' these trx were recorded at th'end o' grams tenure with th'burritos whilst he was harborin' fantasies o' bein' a glimmer twin'n becomin' th'country cousin o' th'stones'n as such theres a nicely wasted sound'n vibe weavin' in'n out o' these covers o' hep country standards (honky tonk women is included to prove he could hopefully cut bein' a satanic majesty)...three cuts taped with emmylou durin' th'greivous angel sessions are real nice too...considerin' this was only put out to cash in on reboundin' glory from emmy gettin' big with west coast 'n country rock heads, this hangs together 'n gives off swell vibes whilst chuggin' beer 'n burnin' some sweetleaf...


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