...this semi mysterious combo been gettin' underground attention 'n more for some time now 'n a good offspin o' such curiosity is th' fact that boots been poppin' up like acid soaked mushrooms, givin' all layabouts a hep dose o' droned psychedelic bluesrock with enough feedback to stun a ballroom o' trippers 'n leave 'em wantin' th' title may suggest theres a mellow slowness to this biscuit, somewhat laidback 'n alone, distancin' itself from th' outside' trademark tunes'n riffs 're present but in less frantic form...a more reefer'd approach to th' dynamics as opposed to th' onslaught o' heavily spiked electric blotter...taped december80 'n th' sound is good quality allowin' th' list'ner time to appreciate how th' voyage is constructed, how th' vibrations flow...


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