...if'n this sounds like anything from th'late sixties its a cross between say,th'index from detroit with th'same echoed lo-fi basement noise 'n henry flynt with a combination o'garage strum/surf twang/moanin' folk vocal all attemptin' to fuse into something new in a psychedelic groove...this is like primitive hillbilly wasters gettin' flipped doin' some kinks riffs with heavy fx 'n overblown distortion buzzin' somewhat uncontrollably...this is cats makin th' NOW sound rock that they've been readin' about but ain't really heard much o'it,its their interpretation o' whats happ'nin' in enlighten'd environs like frisco/LA...some snobs 'n culture vultures been puttin' this cat into th' 'outsider camp' with some o' those retardo-savants 'n general hucksters but this is far from th' truth...there's no idiot slop on show here, its just some layabouts groovin'n experimentin', th'fact that some o' this sounds as if'n it coulda been recorded much later is just down to th'stone cold fact these cats were ahead o' th'game sound'n riff wise...they did get a record contract in 68 'n most o' this disk was meant for release but it all went moody'n th' chance for th'big time was over...


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