...comin' on like a wired'n wonderful mash up o' bad drugs avant/rock this wax kicks up a ruckus that splatters noise into all parts o' th'known universe'n beyond...cats diggin' th'wild hep collage grunt o' th'early 70's version o' destroy all monsters'n th'd.i.y put together thud'n skreeech o' th'godz will get a buzzz off this 1990 take on th'street swill underground sound that crops up every few years in various urban lonerstoner basement rockin'n NYC downtown NO Wave skronk'n trancy acid blur,this will keep th'lobes free o' unwanted pollution as this mindblown slop gets under all wigs'n infest all cranial areas...again woulda been on th'ESP Disk label back when these things were o' concern to a few interested parties...has th'rare ablility that all indulgent'n singular grunge has,which is to seperate th'heads from civilians within' one minute(if not sooner)...


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