...dislocated'n messed up blues,distressed'n mangulated garage rockin',grungedout gronky avant noise with too much reefer'n cheap beer flowin' through for it to appeal to weirdbeard theorists...this is rock'n'roll fallin' down a 19th century elevator shaft with th'whole shebang crashin' against th'cage doors at every floor in its descent...from one side to th'other this rockin' unit thrash'n pummel their way into a hazy wobbly landscape where up is down'n yesterday is gone but its relative to th'amount o' bad drugs hurtlin' from th'purple sky...some o' th'mostest boss slop to be put on tape in th'80's(which obviously was not a hard feat but that don't take away th'solid fact that these cats coulda been on ESPDisk when it mattered)'n makes for a hep'n groovy time...a sorta mix up o'bad nutmeg trips like th'kinda swill that featured on 'pebbles3'(acid gallery)'n free-spirit-jazz wailin',invocatin some ancient voodoo mysticism from th'back alleys o'urban war zones...recommended for beatnix'n hooligans plus others...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the prelim. whacked-out music for sure, but great for buzzin' between the lobes.. great stuff keeps comin' spacey, thanks for this one.... zenman

6:37 AM  

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