...this one has th'near complete show(it cuts off suddenly at th'end) from a coupla different sources, audience tapes which is okay cos it gives th'gig a more immediate appeal, th'listener becomes th'tape machine takin' in th'zimm groove'n disseminatin' th'experience...this was bobs first live gig for real since th'retirement a few years earlier'n he showed up late in a white suit'n done a set o' lounge country croonin' that had cats divided as to its worth, again questions were asked as to what dylan was tryin' to put across, plenty die-hards weren't willin' to think th'impossible thought that dylan was mortal'n he was singin' in a style that fitted th'way he saw life, livin' as a family guy, no longer th'supposed spokesman, no longer sendin' out messages to th'grateful, no longer th'bard tellin' th'young th'truth that had been witheld for so long, coded missives that only cats in th'know could he's playin' th'role o'entertainer, rough'n ready maybe but entertainer all th''band supply th'backin'n occasionally they give th'sound some crunch though th'amphetamine spark o' th'66 tour has long since vanished into th'byways o' woodstock, this much more th'get back groove th'fabs were kickin' around'n what th'zimm himself had instigated back in th'basement o' th'big pink house in late ' with all dylan moves up till th'rollin thunder blowout th'country lounge period o'68/70 holds many interestin' turns'n has provided many myths(also th'time period o' th'appearance o' th'GWW boot which sparked some renewed interest)which have wove their way into th'rock tapestry...


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